At Presidential Billiards, all of our pool table materials are primarily exotic African hardwoods. All of our timbers are harvested under the strictest conservation guidelines from established hardwood plantations or designated forests. We do not cut virgin forests or harvest in any endangered habitat areas. Find out more about the precision and attention to detail that goes into all of our tables.

Billiard Table Construction: Building the Cabinet (Frame)
Most of our tables utilize double cross beam construction. The interlocking of the double beams creates a strong platform to support the slate and prevents sagging. This construction method ensures that the cabinet is rigid and prevents any movement over time, resulting in a table that is as strong as it is beautiful. Click here to view our double cross beam assembly.
Pool Table Materials: Cusion Rubbers

Presidential's BCA approved K-66 profile cushion rubbers are used on all of our tables. This superior quality cushion rubber results in one of the liveliest and most accurate rails in the industry. The cushion rubbers have a thin layer of cotton canvas on the top and the back of the surface which results in greater accuracy and control.

We are so confident that we have the best cushion rubbers in the industry that we include them in our lifetime warranty, unlike many other manufacturers.

Accurate Nose Height
The accuracy of the rebound is also determined by the nose height and angle of placement of the cushion rubber. The modern machinery in our factory precisely controls the placement of the cushion rubbers to the rail resulting in a uniform nose height and consistent angle.
Pool Table Materials: Rail Bolts
Presidential’s high performing T-nut is used to attach the cushion rails to the slate on most of our tables. It is imperative to get a seamless transition between the rail and the slate as this provides the necessary strength and rigidity for proper playability. The T-nut allows the installer to get a greater torque resulting in a rail that sits perfectly flush to the slate.
Pool Table Materials: Dome Washers
To prevent the rail bolts from loosening over time Presidential uses dome washers which grips directly to the slate.
Pool Table Materials: Solid Hardwood Rails and Sights
The rails are machined to precise specifications and our sights are installed in the rails prior to final sanding and the finish being applied, which results in perfectly smooth sights, unlike many of our competitors where you can feel the sights protruding or recessed.
Machine Recessed Area on Rails
On the underside of the Presidential rail is a recessed area where the cloth and the staples nestle which prevents either of these interfering with the attachment to the slate. Should the cloth or staples protrude the seamless transition between the slate and the rail would be compromised.
Billiard Table Construction: Metal to Metal Assembly
All bolts go directly into threaded metal inserts. The cabinet is joined together with sturdy metal brackets. This “bolt together” construction allows for disassembly of the cabinet and reassembly with no loss of structural integrity. Click here to view cabinet assembly.
Pool Table Materials: Heavy Duty Brackets
Compare the Presidential brackets used in the internal construction of our tables with other manufacturers and you will be amazed at the durability, strength and weight of the brackets we use. Click to view our beam brackets, leg bracket, and cabinet brackets.
Pool Table Materials: Slate
Presidential only uses 1” slate on all of our tables. The slate is diamond honed to perfection to within ten-thousands of an inch and will provide a lifetime of playability. All of our slate has an attached framing that the cloth is stapled directly to. This framing allows for quieter play and professional cloth installation.
Billiard Table Construction: Finishing

Our product is hand stained and finished to enhance the beauty of the woods we use. Between each application of stain the product is hand sanded using ultra fine grit sanding pads. The final stage is a minimum of three applications of the catalyzed lacquer which results in a beautiful durable finish.

Presidential stains and lacquers meet or exceed all international environmental standards.

Pool Table Materials: Pockets

Hand tooled leather pockets in a variety of finishes compliment all of our traditional style tables. Top quality leather utilizing the old-fashioned pains-taking tanning and curing processes will provide years of reliable service. A choice of fringe or shield pockets in coordinating or contrasting finishes are available to compliment your table.

The modern style tables use an internal pocket which is available in either leather, plastic, or hard rubber.

Unique Features and Finishes

While every effort is made to ensure that the product corresponds as closely to the sample shown in the retail stores, there might be a chance that they are not identical. We regret that no responsibility can be accepted for variations which all add to the unique features of the Presidential Billiards’ products.

Most of the furniture products are individually hand-finished & therefore there will be some slight differences between the items.

Some of our products are hand-finished to look ‘distressed’ or ‘old’. These finishes vary from product to product & create a unique design and not a defective product.

At times it may be necessary to make changes to specifications of our products, we reserve the right to make such changes.