Silverton pool Table

4 Stylish Billiard Table Room Settings

Whether you’re searching for the perfect centerpiece for your living room, games room or man cave – there’s a billiard table that will suit your room interior to create a picture-perfect setting! 

With your table being the essential focal point, the setting surrounding your pool table can be designed to complement it… modern, industrial, traditional or rustic styles – the styling options are endless!

Here are 4 billiard table room settings ideas that we adore:

1) The Rustic Feel

Create a natural look and feel with this rustic style collection. This style is perfect for those looking for a minimalistic feel without coming across as too boring. You can create this look and feel by choosing a rustic-themed color scheme, like the Barndoor Grey of the Silverton Collection.

Choose simple yet striking artwork that complements your room aesthetic while not overpowering the mood. For an extra luxurious touch, add a textured rug.

Shop the Barndoor Grey Silverton Collection here.

Silveton pool table room setting
cape town pool table

2) The Ornate Design

Include some detail to your living space with an ornate style pool table. This room style mixes antique and modern perfectly. It also doesn’t have to break the bank.

Choose one furniture piece that’s going to function as a focal point of the room, just like the Cape Town Billiard Table below.

To complement the unique piece, add soft furnishings and accessories.

We like to add a bit of texture to the room to create a warm and cozy feeling, as strong Victorian pieces can make a room feel stately and very rigid.

3) The Industrial Style

A modern Industrial look is the perfect aesthetic for those who want to upgrade their style.

To create this feel, choose an industrial color palette, like a dark charcoal focal point, mixed with white finishings.

This aesthetic focuses on creating a clean feeling with the use of grey and white hues. The mixture of clean industrial-inspired lines and softer lines are the perfect mix.

Symmetry is your friend when it comes to this design, as it ties down the whole look and feel of the Industrial flare. Opt for something like the Vienna Billiard Table.

Vienna pool table
Carmel convertible dining and pool Table

4) The Sophisticated Style

This elegant look can be created by incorporating a bold table with a felt color that matches your feature wall. 

Create depth through using cool colors throughout the room. Create one wall where the focus should be, using artwork to accentuate the sophistication feel.

Opt for a clean line billiards table like the Carmel that fits in seamlessly with any aesthetic.