Shuffleboard Accessories

Abacus shuffleboard counting system

Shuffleboard Abacus Scoring System

Shuffleboard Abacus Scoring System

Abacus scorekeepers are the classic, low-tech, inexpensive way to track the score when you’re enjoying a game of Table Shuffleboard with family and friends. Easily attaches to the top rail of your Presidential Shuffleboard Table and start keeping perfect score! Check out our extensive line of Shuflleboards, perfect for any home.

Blue and red Shuffleboard pucks

Shuffleboard Puck

Shuffleboard pucks

The Presidential Billiards Shuffleboards Pucks are manufactured from the highest quality material at an affordable price. They are sold in sets of 8, which includes 4 red pucks, and 4 Blue pucks. These pucks are great value for money and are weighted and speed tested to ensure consistency.