Premium Billiard Tables with Affordable Quality & Style

Known for its high-quality pieces, exemplary service, and affordability, Presidential Billiards offers its clients some of the finest billiard tables in the United States, including various finishes and sizes. We believe in creating diverse heirloom pieces that won’t break the bank, and help create an abundance of memorable experiences for generations to come.

Size Options

At Presidential Billiards, we believe in providing our clients with the highest quality products and service, while ensuring we meet your specific needs. Every home has a different game room setup or size, highlighting the importance of getting your pool table size right.

Deciding on the size of your table goes much deeper than asking whether it will fit into the room. There’s a lot of size considerations that you need to keep in mind. Every table offers a different variant of playing style, having its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we produce sizing alternatives to assist you in choosing that perfect fit.

Pool table in living room

The 7′ Billiard Table

Ideal for those with limited space. To ensure comfortable gameplay, a room surface area of approximately 16 ft by 13 ft is required. The 7′ Billiard table itself is typically sized 3.5’ x 7’. Often referred to as a “bar” size pool table, we highly recommend the 7’ tables- as they are the perfect practice field to up your bar game.

The 8′ Billiard Table

Generally known as the “professional” size. The 8′ billiard table is definitely the most popular size for homes and will provide you with the best gameplay. It’s ample room is great for 8-ball and 9-ball variants. This 8′ billiard table works as a middle ground when it comes to clusters and long shots- your shots will be longer than the 7’ tables, but you will also have to break up a few clusters- which is eradicated with the 9’ table.

The 9′ Billiard Table

A supreme size option if you are anticipating a more athletic approach to billiards. This table is perfect for those serious about their game and may enter a few tournaments. Mostly used in official billiard contests, its surface is known to be more fast-paced. The 9’ table will minimise clusters, but your shots will be much longer- making the game slightly more difficult and strategic.

Variety of Finishes

Contemporary, modern, industrial, or timeless, our billiard tables has it all- with a variety of different styles and finishes to match your needs. Most of our wood billiard tables are individually hand-finished with a tasteful array of different colors.

Mahogany, Mocha, Espresso, Light Cinnamon, Charcoal Brown, Barndoor Gray, weathered or natural oak, and many more- we certainly have the right finish to match your home.

Variety of pool tables

The Presidential Promise

The Presidential Promise is not just a sales warranty placed onto our collections. It’s a way of manufacturing, conducting business, and delivering service like no other. This is firstly achieved by starting with you, the customer, and providing you with high quality hand-crafted products at affordable prices.

Each of our billiard tables has been created with the highest level of care and precision to ensure longevity.

Kruger pool table

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