hamilton convertible dining and poker table

How to Choose the Perfect Poker Table

There are many factors to consider when planning to buy the perfect customized poker table to fit your game room. These include different shapes and sizes, different colours and designs, and most importantly different prices being offered in the market. Some other factors to consider are frequency usage, size of group, size of the room and features of the table.


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Shape & Size

There are different shapes and sizes for poker tables.

The shapes range from round which are reasonably small in size, as compared to the oval shaped which are quite big in size and spacious.

Hexagon shaped tables are a bit bigger than the round tables and provide a bit more space. When choosing the shape and size keep in mind the room space and the size of the group.



Color & Design

Poker tables come in different colors and designs to best suit the buyer. When buying a poker try to match with the game room design, theme and color.

convertible dining and poker table

When deciding on the color and design keep in mind the features of the table and how frequently will the table be used, as some poker tables have built in features that could convert the poker table into a dining table and some could be folded and packed away.


A buyer does not make a large purchase without having a budget. The price will depend on different factors that need to be considered before buying the poker table. Some of these factors are the size of the table, the shape and design of the table and the added features. Buying a regular poker table would be slightly cheaper than buying a customized poker table to tailor to the buyer’s needs and wants.


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