Breckenridge Shuffleboard Table

How to Play Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard is so much more than just a game enjoyed by senior citizens on their retirement cruise. You can play shuffleboard with the entire family, and we’re here to tell you how. For traditional shuffleboard you will need the following:

  • A shuffleboard
  • Shuffleboard weights
  • A fun-filled ready for action attitude

The aim of shuffleboard is to use your hand to slide your 4 shuffleboard weights / pucks as close to the far-end edge of the shuffleboard table as possible without your weights falling into the alley. You can also knock your opponent’s weights into the alley or out of the way. The winner is the player whose weights outdistance their opponents’. The person who shoots last is said to have “The Hammer” and can use his last weight to win the game by easily knocking off his opponent’s weights.

Two Player Shuffleboard Instructions

To start a two-player game of shuffleboard, both opponents stand at the same end of the table. Use a coin toss or a game of rock, paper, scissors to determine which player will go first. This player will then attempt to slide their weight as close to the edge as possible without it falling into the alley.

Player 2 will then follow and try to outdistance or knock player 1’s weights from the table. This continues until all weights are slid. For every weight that is further than the opponent’s, the player will receive one point. The winner of this round then initiates the next round.

The game ends when a player reaches fifteen points.

Four Player Shuffleboard Instructions

Similar to 2 player shuffleboard, this game starts on the same side of the shuffleboard table with teams of two. Team members take turns to slide their weights on the shuffleboard table, and the game ends when a team reaches a total of 21 points.


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