Hayes Billiard Table

Hayes Billiard Table

The Hayes Billiard Table is a great addition to any game room featuring solid wood rails. With its classic styling this pool table is sure to become the focal point of any family room or man cave.





Table Size: 8’
Finish: Mocha-Brown
Pockets: Shield
Cloth: Different color options available, photographed with Camel
Sights: Diamond
Leg: Tapered

Additional Information

Table Construction

  • This table is engineered with cross beams that measure 5” x 2.5” each.
  • The interlocking of these beams creates a strong platform to support the slate.

Cushion Rubbers

  • BCA approved K-66 profile cushion rubbers are used on all our tables.
  • This superior quality cushion rubber results in one of the liveliest and most accurate rails in the industry.


  • Solid wood rails
  • Veneered MDF Cabinet and Blinds


  • 1” 3-piece K-pattern slate
  • The slate is diamond honed to perfection to within ten-thousands of an inch


8’ Dimensions

99”L x 55”W x 31”H

Room Size Requirement (PDF)


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