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The perfect board game for each Presidential Billiards Poker Table

Contrary to what the name suggests, poker tables, can be used for much more than just poker. The game tables made by Presidential Billiards offer the best of all worlds when it comes to entertainment. These poker tables can seamlessly convert from fun to functional, regardless of whether you’re looking to host a heated poker game, a fun family games night or an elegant dinner party.

Each table comes with six or more cup and chip holders as well as built-in compartments to store all game-related accessories. Even though just about any game becomes better when played on a poker table, we’ve done the research to find the perfect board game for each game table in the Presidential Billiards collection.

Hamilton Game Table:

Let’s start with a poker table that transcends any games room. With exquisite dark brown finishes, this elegant six seater can effortlessly flip between a poker felt and a beautiful espresso dining top.

The classical style of the Hamilton makes Risk the perfect board game to play on this table. Risk is a very well known strategy board game that requires its players to display diplomacy as well as engage in conflict and conquest.

The simple rules and complex interactions make this a game to be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

convertible dining and poker table with chair set
convertible Tyler dining and poker table with chair set

Tyler Game Table:

Our Tyler Game Table forms part of a collection made of clean lines and a rustic oak finish. The Tyler simplistically combines mid-century and modern design features. The mid-century modern style is typical of architecture, furniture and, other design pieces that were created between 1933 and 1965.

That;s why we think Monopoly  (invented in 1935) not only suits the table in style and temperament but is the ideal game for this table in size and seating.

While a six-player poker game is more than enough excitement for some, more competitive folk, or those with bigger families might want to step up their game with a table that can seat and accommodate eight serious players. If that’s the case the Octagonal poker table is the table for you.

Octagonal Game Table:

This gorgeous, dark wood table comes with a removable black vinyl insert, which allows the owner to customize the cloth color to suit their game room and also makes this table perfectly suited to players of all ages as the vinyl insert can be easily cleaned.

We’re not gonna lie. Finding an eight player board game that is easy and enjoyable, was quite a challenge. According to eight thousand voters on ranker.com, The Betrayal at the House on the Hill is the absolute best board game to play when you have between two and eight players. This game has a playing time between 30 minutes and two hours, allowing kids to partake without losing interest. Furthermore, part of this game’s appeal is that the game is different in each session of play due to some factors being chosen at random during each game. Way to keep it interesting!

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Even though we’ve ventured to define the perfect board game for each table, it should be said that poker tables are as versatile as the games you can play on them! Ready to play? Browse our selection of Poker Tables now.