Interested in transforming that one dull room in your home into the ultimate entertainment space?

Here’s a Presidential Billiards guide to assist you in creating the ultimate entertainer’s room, taking all obstacles you might encounter into consideration.

The Size & Layout of your Entertainers Room

Square footage needs to be utilized wisely. Especially with game tables that require movement around the table. Presidential Billiards provides all measurements to our game room furniture to assist you in choosing the correct furnishes.

For those with a potential entertainers room that have very limited space– you might find it beneficial to look into our versatile Dining Top Billiard Tables, Game Tables and Shuffleboards.

Our Dining Top Billiard Tables will enable you to close your pool table with a sturdy yet elegant dining top to accommodate other entertainment options such as dining, drinks, or regular card/board games. The Game Tables and Shuffleboards also has a coverable top to ensure adaptability for each occasion.

Kruger pool table
Collage of game room activities including foosball table, pool table, shuffleboard, and dartboard

Your Choice of Entertainment & Games

Given that game tables normally occupy a lot of space within a room, careful thought has to be put into which games you and your family and friends would enjoy the most.

Presidential Billiards offers a wide range of game table choices:


Along with these products Presidential Billiards offers accessories and matching furniture options to help create long-lasting memories in your musing entertainment space.

Choose Furniture Wisely

Bulky and unpractical furniture pieces is not your friend when it comes to an entertainers room. Minimal, yet thoughtful game room furniture, will help you maintain the moving space between objects, and also create a more eye-catching design.

Presidential Billiards offers benches and spectator chairs which not only allows for extra seating, but secret built-in cabinets for additional storage of game room essentials.

In many cases, consumers struggle to find furniture pieces with finishes or colors that not only match the game table but the rest of the room. We produce seating options, pub tables, and many other furniture pieces in a variety of finishes to ensure co-alignment in your design.

How about a bar?

Especially for those with limited space, Presidential Billiards has the perfect bar furniture solution that features extreme practicality and elegant design. Our Bar Cart, Bar Shelf and Wine Rack will provide practical solutions to ensure that those thirsty guests are happy.

Charcoal wine rack and bar stand
Games room with pool table and pool cue stand

Storage For Accessories in your Entertainers Room

Your entertainment and hosting skills will excel in a room that is organized and easily allow you to maintain tidiness. Presidential billiards offers a range of different game room storage options to ensure your entertaining space remain organized.

Our elegant wall cue rack designs serve as the perfect example of how to organize accessories within an entertainment space. For those with limited space, Presidential Billiards offers floor racks as well.

To make your storage and other furniture pieces come together as a cohesive whole, be sure to check our collections, where each piece complements one another flawlessly.

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