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We wish choosing a pool cue could be as easy as just randomly picking one of a rack, but unfortunately, for those looking to play a competitive game, choosing the right cue can be an extremely complex decision. 

Yes, the old saying the sword is only as powerful as its master is extremely applicable to the beautiful game of pool, but without the right tools, you might as well be playing a different game. Your cue can be extremely beneficial to your game, that is if you choose correctly! Luckily, our handy guide will help you choose the correct cue every time. 

Pool Cue Length

One of the most noticeable physical features of a cue is its length. This can be extremely important and can make or break your gameplay. The correct cue will help you control movement better, ensuring that your gameplay is smooth and more guided. To ensure a higher level of control, ensure that your cue fits the length of your arm. For those who are between 5’8” and 6’5”, we would recommend a cue that’s approximately 58 inches in length. For those who are shorter than 5’8”, we would recommend a cue that’s between 28 and 52 inches in length. The key here is to ensure that your pool cue is comfortable, easy to control, and fits your length. 


Pool cue weight can oftentimes be a secondary factor when choosing a cue, but it can affect your gameplay dramatically. Many pool players find that the weight of their cue offers them a smoother gameplay experience and just like length, can often affect the control you have over your shot. Generally, cue weights are between 17 and 21 ounces. These weights are generally distributed throughout the cue, but most of it lies within the butt end, as it is much thicker than the shaft. This means that the heaviest part of the cue sits within your backhand. Choosing the right weight is all about feeling out your cues. If you are shorter, you would generally choose a lighter weight as you won’t need to lift the tip when taking the shot.  The key to choosing the perfect weight is trying out the cues and seeing how they affect your preferred shots. Generally, heavier cues are perfect for breaking shots, while lighter cues are better for skilled shots. 

Wrap Type

Wrap types generally include no wrap, linen, or leather. This part of the cue touches your skin the most, and can thus affect the grip you have, affecting your control over your shot. Choosing the perfect wrap is completely subjective, but a few guidelines do exist which can help guide you in terms of this. If you have general sweaty hands, it’s recommended to choose a linen or leather wrap.

Cue Tip

The cue tip is as important as the length, as this is the part that ultimately determines how the ball will react to your shot. It is crucial to choose a tip that supports your specific game style. Softer ball tips place a higher spin on the ball, while a harder tip may last you much longer. 

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