Billiard Tables

At Presidential Billiards, we believe that a billiards table is more than just a game; it’s a statement of quality, craftsmanship, and style. Our collection of billiards tables embodies the perfect fusion of artistry and precision, offering players an unparalleled playing experience. In this resource category, we delve into the world of Presidential Billiards tables, exploring their unique features, materials, and designs. Discover how our tables can elevate your game and enhance your space, bringing luxury and performance into your home.

Vienna Render pool table in living room

When it comes to interior design, the beauty is in the details. Every element you choose for your living space contributes to the overall ambiance and aesthetic appeal. One often overlooked aspect that can truly transform your space is the choice of entertainment and recreational features. Presidential Billiards seamlessly combines luxury, craftsmanship, and functionality in their stunning range of convertible pool tables and other recreational games. In this article, we’ll explore tips to incorporate a Presidential Billiards Table into your living space for a modern touch of excellence.

The Focal Point

Tyler pool table in living room

Every well-designed living space needs a focal point that draws the eye and anchors the room. A Presidential Billiards Table is more than just a game; it’s a work of art that commands attention. With intricate details, high-quality materials, and customizable options, these billiard tables effortlessly become the centerpiece of any room. Choose a design that complements your existing decor and watch as your space transforms into a conversation starter.

Aesthetic Versatility

Kariba pool table in living room

Presidential Billiards offers a diverse range of styles, from traditional to contemporary, allowing you to find a table that harmonizes with your interior design theme. Whether your space leans towards rustic charm or modern elegance, there’s a billiard table design that will seamlessly fit in. This versatility ensures that you can indulge your personal style while adding a touch of sophistication.

Materials and Craftsmanship

Carpenter measuring wood in workshop for a pool table

One of the defining features of Presidential Billiards tables is their commitment to craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials. These pool tables are built to last, often using solid hardwoods, premium fabrics, and precision engineering.

Incorporating such exquisite pieces into your living space not only provides functional entertainment but also showcases your appreciation for fine craftsmanship. These tables are not just functional; they are pieces of functional art, enhancing both the beauty and utility of your living space.

Creating Balance

Carmel pool table in living room

Interior design is all about balance – the harmonious arrangement of elements to create a visually pleasing environment. The introduction of a Presidential Billiards table adds a perfect balance between leisure and aesthetics. The elegant lines, rich finishes, and thoughtful design details create a sense of cohesion within the space, tying together different design elements for a unified look.

Entertainment with Elegance

Kariba convertible dining & Pool Table
Convertible Pool Table

Gone are the days when a billiard table was confined to a game room or basement. Presidential Billiards tables offer a new perspective on entertainment, blurring the lines between leisure and luxury with their convertible pool tables. By integrating one into your living area, you’re offering your guests a sophisticated form of entertainment that speaks volumes about your refined taste. Effortlessly switch from dining table to pool table with our convertible pool tables.

Personalization and Expression

Modern Lincoln Pool table - Presidential Billiards

Presidential Billiards tables aren’t just off-the-shelf products; they can be tailored to reflect your unique personality and preferences. From the choice of wood finishes to the color of the felt, each aspect can be customized. This level of personalization allows you to infuse your living space with your individuality, making it truly your own.

In the world of interior design, it’s the distinctive touches that truly make a space stand out. Presidential Billiards tables offer a remarkable way to enhance your living area’s aesthetic while providing hours of entertainment. With their timeless designs, impeccable craftsmanship, and ability to blend seamlessly with various design styles, these tables are more than just game pieces – they are functional works of art that elevate your living space to a new level of elegance and sophistication.


How do I integrate a Presidential Billiards Table into my living space to enhance its aesthetic appeal?

To seamlessly integrate a Presidential Billiards Table into your living space, start by evaluating the room’s size and layout to ensure the table fits comfortably and players have ample space to move. Consider the room’s existing decor and select a table design that complements or enhances this style, whether it’s modern, rustic, or classic. Additionally, focus on lighting, opting for overhead fixtures or adjustable lamps that not only illuminate the table but also add to the room’s ambiance.

What makes Presidential Billiards tables unique in terms of materials, craftsmanship, and design?

At Presidential Billiards, we distinguish ourselves through our commitment to superior materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and innovative design. Our tables are crafted using only the finest hardwoods and precision-milled slate, ensuring both durability and a flawless playing surface. The expertise of our artisans shines in every detail, from intricate hand carvings to robust joinery, reflecting a blend of traditional techniques and modern precision. In terms of design, we offer a diverse range of styles, from the timeless elegance of classic designs to the sleek sophistication of contemporary models, ensuring each table not only meets but enhances the aesthetic of any room it graces.

What are the benefits of choosing a convertible pool table from Presidential Billiards for my living space?

At Presidential Billiards, choosing one of our convertible pool tables for your living space offers several benefits. Firstly, they provide unmatched versatility, seamlessly transforming from an elegant dining table to a high-quality billiard table, making them ideal for spaces where functionality and efficiency are key. Secondly, these tables are designed to complement your home décor, offering a range of styles and finishes that enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room. Lastly, our convertible tables are a testament to our commitment to quality and craftsmanship, ensuring that you enjoy both a superior dining experience and an excellent game of pool, all within the convenience of a single, beautifully crafted piece of furniture.

carmel pool table room setting

Creating the perfect home bar goes beyond just having a collection of drinks and glasses. The ambiance and décor play a significant role in setting the tone for your at-home entertaining experience. One element that can truly elevate your home bar’s aesthetic is a stylish and elegant bar table. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet evening cocktail or hosting a small gathering, these exquisite bar tables from Presidential Billiards will undoubtedly enhance the overall atmosphere of your space. Let’s dive into the details of each table and explore how they can

Charcoal Brown Bar Table

Ambassador bar Table in Charcoal 

The Charcoal Brown Bar Table is a stunning centerpiece that effortlessly combines rustic charm with modern elegance. The charcoal brown finish exudes a timeless appeal, while the sturdy construction ensures longevity. The table’s minimalist design is ideal for small spaces, making it a perfect choice for cozy home bars. 

Its rich color palette compliments various interior styles, allowing you to easily incorporate it into your existing decor. Whether you’re sipping on your favorite scotch or enjoying a glass of wine, this pub table will undoubtedly become a conversation starter. It forms part of the Kariba Collection, which includes the beautiful Kariba Billiard Table, Kariba Shuffleboard, and other matching charcoal brown finishes.

Barndoor Gray Bar Table

Barndoor gray coloured pub table on a white background

For those who appreciate a touch of vintage flair, the Barndoor Gray Bar Table is a must-have addition to your home bar. The distressed gray finish and barndoor-inspired details create an authentic rustic atmosphere. The table’s robust construction ensures stability, making it suitable for both casual gatherings and special occasions. 

With its unique design and weathered appearance, this pub table will add character and charm to your home bar, transporting you to a cozy countryside tavern every time you take a seat. Talking about seats, complete the look with the matching Barndoor Gray Pub Stool. This Pub Table forms part of the classic Silverton Collection.

Espresso Pub Table

Espresso bar Table

Sleek, sophisticated, and undeniably stylish, the Espresso Pub Table is a modern masterpiece that brings an air of contemporary luxury to your home bar. The deep espresso finish exudes opulence, while the clean lines and tapered legs create an elegant silhouette. 

This table is perfect for those who appreciate a more refined aesthetic. It’s an ideal choice for intimate gatherings and upscale cocktail nights. Elevate your mixology skills and enjoy your drinks in the lap of luxury with this exquisite pub table. The pub table forms part of the Hamilton Collection.

Weathered Oak Pub Table

weathered oak pub table

If you’re drawn to the allure of vintage-inspired design, the Weathered Oak Pub Table offers a perfect blend of nostalgia and elegance. The weathered oak finish and distressed details give the table a timeworn charm that’s reminiscent of traditional pub settings. The round table design encourages conversation and interaction, making it an excellent choice for social gatherings. 

Pair this table with some classic barstools, and you’ll create a warm and inviting atmosphere that welcomes friends and family to unwind and enjoy good company. It forms part of the Carmel Collection, which includes the beautiful Carmel Billiard Table, Carmel Shuffleboard, and other matching weathered oak finishes.

Transforming your home bar into a stylish and inviting space is made effortlessly with these elegant bar tables from Presidential Billiards. From the rustic charm of the Charcoal Brown Bar Table to the vintage appeal of the Barndoor Gray Pub Table, and from the modern luxury of the Espresso Pub Table to the nostalgic allure of the Weathered Oak Pub Table, each option offers a unique and sophisticated way to enhance your at-home entertaining experience. 

Elevate your home bar’s ambiance and create lasting memories with these exquisite pub tables that combine aesthetics with functionality in the most captivating way. Cheers to a beautifully decorated and inviting home bar!

Have a look at some of our other bar tables here.


What are the key features to look for when selecting an elegant bar table for a home bar?

At Presidential Billiards, when selecting an elegant bar table for a home bar, we advise focusing on the quality of materials, ensuring durability and a premium aesthetic, whether it’s solid hardwood or metal. The design and style should complement your existing decor, with options ranging from classic to contemporary to suit your personal taste. Additionally, consider the table’s size and functionality, ensuring it fits comfortably in your space and meets your entertainment needs, whether for serving drinks or as a gathering spot for guests

How can different styles of bar tables influence the atmosphere of a home bar?

Different styles of bar tables can dramatically transform the atmosphere of a home bar. For instance, a rustic wooden table infuses a warm, traditional ambiance, ideal for relaxed, homely gatherings, while a sleek, contemporary design in metal or glass can introduce a modern, sophisticated vibe, suitable for elegant, upscale entertaining. The choice of a bar table style sets the tone of the space, whether it’s inviting and casual or refined and chic, reflecting the homeowner’s personal taste and complementing the overall design theme of the house.

What are some creative ways to incorporate bar tables into a home bar setup for both utility and aesthetic appeal?

Incorporating bar tables into a home bar setup for both utility and aesthetic appeal involves creativity and an eye for design. One approach is to use a bar table as a centerpiece, selecting a design that makes a bold statement and anchors the room. Pairing the table with stylish, comfortable bar stools creates a welcoming seating area. Additionally, consider a bar table with built-in storage or shelving, which adds functionality by keeping glasses, bottles, and accessories organized and within easy reach, enhancing both the usability and visual appeal of the space.

At Presidential Billiards, we understand the value of a sturdy, stylish, and reliable cue case. Your cues are not just tools of the game; they’re an extension of your passion and style. Here’s a spotlight on some of our top cue cases, designed to meet all your billiard storage needs:

Round Vinyl

Round Vinyl Cue Case

Design: A chic round cue case for one butt and one shaft.

Colors: Available in five distinct colors, all complemented with elegant cream accents.

Camouflage Cue Case

Camouflage Cue Case

Design: For the rugged at heart, this durable case holds 2 butts and 4 shafts.

Features: Has handy pockets to carry other billiard essentials.

Colors: Comes in two unique shades – gray or khaki.

Soft Nylon Cue Case

Nylon Soft Cue Case

Design: A soft nylon case designed to store 1 butt and 1 shaft.

Black Side Open with Two Pockets Cue Case

Black Side Open Cue Case with Two Pockets

Design: A side-opening robust case with 2 convenient storage pockets.

Features: Adorned in a classic black finish with a handy carrying handle.

Capacity: Holds 2 butts and 4 shafts.

Oval Cue Case

Oval Cue Case

Design: A simplistic oval design, perfect for storing 1 butt and 1 shaft.

Square Vinyl Cue Case

Square Vinyl Cue Case

Design: A square-shaped vinyl case.

Colors: Offered in three varied colors.

Capacity: Can hold 2 butts and 3 shafts.

Screen Printed Oval Cue Case

Oval Cue Case with Screen Printing

Design: A trendy oval cue case with intricate screen printing.

Colors: Available in three different shades.

PVC Wood Cue Case

PVC Wood Cue Case

Design: A classic wooden case for storing 1 butt and 1 shaft.
Embossed Brown Crocodile Cue Case

Brown Crocodile Embossed Cue Case

Design: For those seeking a touch of luxury, this brown crocodile embossed case is a treat.
Sizes: Available in an array – 1B/1S, 2B/2S, 2B/4S, 3B/5S, 4B/8S.
Standard Side Open Cue Case

Side Open Cue Case

Design: Black case accentuated with unique tan trim and 2 spacious pockets.
Capacity: Designed to hold 2 butts and 4 shafts.
Embossed Black Crocodile Cue Case

Black Crocodile Embossed Cue Case

Design: A posh black crocodile embossed case for the elites of the game.
Sizes: Available in 1B/1S, 2B/2S, 2B/4S, 3B/5S, 4B/8S.

For the avid billiard player or even the occasional hobbyist, a good cue case is essential. Our range at Presidential Billiards offers something for everyone, ensuring your prized cues get the protection they deserve. View our catalog today and find your perfect match!

Elevate your game room or bar area with the exquisite craftsmanship and timeless design of Presidential Billiards Bar Stools. Every piece reflects our commitment to quality, style, and functionality. Dive into our highlighted collection of bar stools that will undoubtedly complement any setting:

Espresso & Black Bar Stool With Back

Espresso & Black Backed Bar Stool

Design: A timeless piece that marries the richness of Espresso with the depth of Black in an elegant backed design.

Features: Exemplifies a harmonious blend of simplicity and elegance, ensuring it finds a place in any game room or bar.

Deluxe Option: For those seeking an extra touch of luxury, it’s available in a premium Deluxe fabric crowned with an Espresso finish.

Black & Gray Bar Stool With Back

Black & Gray Backed Bar Stool

Design: A modern twist to a classic, the Black & Gray combination offers a contemporary flair that’s both stylish and versatile.

Features: Crafted with precision, its backed design ensures comfort, making it an ideal choice for long evenings of entertainment.

Alternate Finish: If Black & Gray isn’t your cup of tea, we also offer this model in an alluring Espresso & Black combination.

Deluxe Bar Stool With Back

Deluxe Backed Bar Stool

Design: A testament to luxury and comfort, the Deluxe Backed Bar Stool is the epitome of sophistication.

Features: Draped in a stunning finish, its design seamlessly blends with any decor, be it in a game room or a high-end bar.

At Presidential Billiards, we understand the essence of creating a space that is both functional and visually appealing. Our range of bar stools promises not just unparalleled comfort but also a style statement that stands the test of time. Step into our store today to witness the blend of craftsmanship and design, and choose the perfect seating solution for your space.


What should I consider when selecting a Presidential Billiards Bar Stool for my game room or bar area?

When selecting a Presidential Billiards Bar Stool for your game room or bar area, consider the height of the stool to ensure it aligns comfortably with your bar or table. The style and design should complement the overall decor of your space, whether you’re looking for a classic, modern, or eclectic look. Also, prioritize comfort and durability, choosing stools with sturdy construction and comfortable seating for extended use, ensuring they enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your room.

How do the different designs and features of Presidential Billiards Bar Stools enhance both comfort and style?

The different designs and features of Presidential Billiards Bar Stools enhance both comfort and style in various ways. Firstly, ergonomic features like padded seats and backrests, along with footrests, ensure comfort during extended use, making them ideal for long evenings of entertainment. Style-wise, the diverse range of designs, from sleek contemporary to classic wood finishes, allows these stools to seamlessly integrate with any decor, adding elegance to the space. Additionally, the use of high-quality materials not only contributes to the stools’ aesthetic appeal but also ensures durability and longevity, making them both a stylish and practical addition to any game room or bar area.

What makes Presidential Billiards Bar Stools stand out in terms of quality and craftsmanship?

Presidential Billiards Bar Stools stand out in terms of quality and craftsmanship due to several key factors. First, the use of premium materials, such as high-grade hardwoods and durable fabrics, ensures longevity and resilience. Each stool is meticulously crafted, showcasing expert joinery and finishing techniques that highlight attention to detail and a commitment to quality. Additionally, the design of these stools balances aesthetics with functionality, offering both visual appeal and comfort. This combination of superior materials, skilled craftsmanship, and thoughtful design results in bar stools that are not only elegant and stylish but also sturdy and comfortable, making them a distinguished choice for any home bar or game room setting.

Indoor games have forever been the beating heart of family gatherings, parties, or even solitary moments of relaxation. The magic, however, is not just in playing the game but in experiencing the blend of quality, design, and durability that only a trusted wholesaler can provide. Presidential Billiards stands as a beacon in this realm, offering you not just products, but a legacy of excellence.

Handcrafted Hardwood Pool Tables

Discover the epitome of craftsmanship with our range of hardwood pool tables. Each piece, be it oak or any other hardwood, resonates with durability and artistry. As a leading wholesaler in billiard tables, our collection promises both luxury and longevity. Dive deeper into our selection here.

Handcrafted Hardwood Pool Tables

Precision Dartboards for the Enthusiast

Darts, a game of precision and focus, deserves the best. Our collection of dartboard cabinets and backboards stand testament to our commitment to quality. Crafted in the USA, each dartboard echoes the premium feel and performance that enthusiasts crave. Explore our range here.

Dartboard Cabinet

Diverse Recreational Games: One-stop Wholesaler

Why stop at pool and darts? Our expansive catalogue boasts of foosball tables, ping pong tables, air-hockey tables, shuffleboard tables, and much more. Whether you’re designing a game room or sourcing for an event, our wholesale collection ensures variety without compromising on quality. Discover more here.

Air Hockey Table

In the realm of indoor games, settling for anything less than perfect is not an option. With Presidential Billiards as your wholesale partner, perfection is just a click away. Whether you’re a retailer or a gaming aficionado, dive into a world where quality meets passion.


What distinguishes Presidential Billiards' range of indoor gaming products in terms of quality and design?

Presidential Billiards’ range of indoor gaming products is distinguished by a commitment to superior quality and distinctive design. In terms of quality, each product is crafted using only the finest materials, ensuring durability and a top-notch playing experience. Our billiard tables, for instance, feature high-quality hardwoods, precision-milled slate, and premium cloth. Design-wise, our products showcase a blend of traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, catering to a wide range of personal tastes and interior styles. This combination of meticulous construction and elegant design ensures that our gaming products not only provide exceptional playability but also serve as attractive centerpieces in any home entertainment space.

How does Presidential Billiards cater to the needs of different indoor gaming enthusiasts and retailers?

Presidential Billiards caters to the needs of different indoor gaming enthusiasts and retailers by offering a diverse product range and customizable options. Our selection includes various types of billiard tables, dartboards, foosball tables, and other gaming tables, designed to appeal to both serious players and those seeking recreational enjoyment. For enthusiasts who prioritize customization, we provide options to tailor aspects like table size, wood finishes, and cloth colors, ensuring a perfect match for their individual style and space requirements. Retailers benefit from our wide array of products and styles, suitable for different market segments and preferences, along with our commitment to quality and design, which makes our products a valuable addition to their offerings. This approach enables us to meet the varied demands of both gaming enthusiasts and retailers effectively.

What are the benefits of choosing Presidential Billiards as a wholesaler for gaming equipment?

Choosing Presidential Billiards as a wholesaler for gaming equipment offers several benefits:

  1. Diverse Product Range: We provide a wide selection of gaming products, including billiard tables, dartboards, foosball tables, and more, catering to various preferences and styles. This diversity allows retailers to offer a comprehensive range of options to their customers.
  2. Quality Assurance: Our commitment to quality is evident in every product. We use premium materials and employ skilled craftsmanship, ensuring that each item is durable, reliable, and meets high standards of performance. Retailers can trust in the longevity and appeal of our products.
  3. Customization Options: We offer customization possibilities, allowing retailers to meet specific customer needs. Whether it’s different sizes, finishes, or designs, this flexibility helps retailers provide tailored solutions.
  4. Competitive Pricing: Our pricing structure is designed to be competitive, offering retailers a good balance between quality and cost. This ensures a strong market position and the potential for healthy margins.
  5. Customer Support and Service: We prioritize strong customer relationships, providing excellent support and service. Retailers can rely on us for timely deliveries, product information, and post-sale support, enhancing their customer service experience.
  6. Brand Reputation: As a recognized brand in the gaming equipment industry, carrying Presidential Billiards products can enhance a retailer’s portfolio and attract customers looking for trusted and well-regarded gaming solutions.

We all dream of designing the perfect game room, a sanctuary tucked away from the mundane routines, a paradise where enjoyment rules and stress disappears. Choosing the right furniture is crucial to setting the perfect atmosphere, ensuring your game room is not just visually stunning but also highly functional. We are here to guide you in creating that ideal retreat with these essential game room furniture pieces meticulously crafted by Presidential Billiards.

Billiards Table

Hamilton pool table in living room

What’s a game room without an exquisite pool table? Earn bragging rights with the Hamilton Convertible Billiard Table, an intricately handcrafted piece that redefines sophistication. The exquisite Hamilton design is a statement piece, and its quality craftsmanship promises lifetime durability, letting you enjoy countless games with friends and family.

The Game Table

 Black Tyler Poker Table

The Tyler Convertible Poker Table brings together a mix of versatility and modern design, rendering it the ideal centerpiece in your gaming retreat. It features built-in cup holders, game piece storage, and a reversible top for those switching between dinner and poker rounds with seamless ease!

pool spectator chair
Espresso bar Table
Espresso bar Stool

Spectator Chairs

Your onlookers need to be at ease too! The Weathered Oak Billiards Spectator Chair is the perfect blend of comfort and luxury. These chairs feature beautifully-crafted armrests and padding, coupled with drink holders and cue rests for observing players, creating a perfect perch for those exciting billiard games.

Pub Table

No game room is complete without a place to set down your drinks, right? An Espresso Pub Table creates a warm ambiance with a dash of sophistication. It’s a classic addition to any game room, making it an ultimate social spot.

Bar Stools

Complement your pub table with Espresso Pub Stools. These sturdy, elegantly designed stools are an embodiment of comfort and style, sure to uplift the look and comfortability of your game room.

Cue Rack

Straight pool accessories floor rack with components

A Pool Cue Rack not only exudes sleek elegance but also serves as a functional storage piece, keeping your pool cues neatly aligned and enhancing your game room decoration, it’s an essential game room piece for billiard enthusiasts.


industrial style shuffleboard

Introduce an element of fun with the Carmel Shuffleboard Table. Built to last and easy to maintain, it will be a centerpiece for an exciting indoor games room for years to come. Its elegant design compliments any decor, adding a touch of sophistication to your entertainment area. Whether you’re hosting a game night with friends or enjoying quality time with family, this shuffleboard is a must have in any games room. 


Remember, the key to creating a memorable game room rests on selecting quality, stylish furniture that provides comfort, functionality, and a welcoming ambiance for countless hours of enjoyment. Presidential Billiards brings you an array of choices, to make your dream game room a reality! Choose your favorite pieces, create your bespoke game room and turn every moment into a winning game! 

For more inspiration on setting up your game room, visit Presidential Billiards. The perfect partner in your quest for unbeatable fun, style, and sophistication.


How do I choose the right furniture pieces for my game room to ensure both style and functionality?

To select the right furniture for your game room ensuring both style and functionality, start by understanding your space and gaming needs, choosing pieces like a billiard table or multifunctional furniture based on how you intend to use the room. Opt for a consistent style theme that reflects your personal taste, ensuring the furniture not only complements the room’s aesthetics but also offers comfort and durability for frequent use. Finally, incorporate smart storage solutions and consider the lighting needs of your game room, balancing practicality with the room’s overall ambiance to create an inviting and functional gaming space.

What are the essential furniture pieces every game room should have, and why?

Every game room should have a few essential furniture pieces for a perfect balance of functionality and comfort. Firstly, a central gaming table, such as a billiard or foosball table, serves as the focal point and provides the main entertainment. Comfortable seating, like sofas or ergonomic chairs, is crucial for relaxation and accommodating guests during extended gaming sessions. Lastly, adequate storage solutions, such as shelving or cabinets, are important for organizing games, accessories, and equipment, keeping the space tidy and efficient. These key pieces ensure your game room is not only enjoyable and functional for gaming activities but also comfortable and organized, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

How can Presidential Billiards help in creating a cohesive and inviting game room environment?

Presidential Billiards can help create a cohesive and inviting game room environment through our diverse range of high-quality gaming tables and coordinating furniture. We offer various styles of billiard tables, which can serve as the centerpiece of the room, setting the tone for the space. Our selection of matching accessories, like cue racks and spectator chairs, ensures a unified look, while our comfortable seating options like bar stools and sofas add to the room’s inviting atmosphere. Additionally, our expertise in design and attention to detail means each piece not only offers superior functionality but also contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the game room, making it a perfect blend of style, comfort, and entertainment.

If you are looking for a billiard table for your home, there are a few things you need to know before making your purchase. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of billiard tables and why you need to choose the correct one for your gameroom.

We will also discuss why there are different sizes of billiard table and what the benefits are for each one. Finally, we will take a look at the different types of billiard tables used for various purposes and how you can make use of a billiard table dealer.

7 foot billiard tables:

This is the most common size for billiard tables. It is also the size that is used in most professional tournaments. The benefits of a seven-foot table are that it provides ample space for players to move around and make shots. It also allows for a wide variety of game types to be played.

Most people who buy a billiard table for their home choose a seven-foot table. They are an all-around good size and can be used for a variety of game types. If you have the space, we recommend choosing a seven-foot table.

These table are also great for beginner players as usually they start out using the 7ft tables and then once they get more experience they can move up to the larger tables.

8 foot billiard tables:

If you want to play competitively, we recommend getting an eight-foot billiard table. The majority of professional tournaments are held on this size of table. Eight-foot tables are also great for people who have limited space in their gameroom.

The benefits of an eight-foot table are that it provides a challenging playing surface for competitive players. Although it takes up more space than a seven-foot table, it’s ideal for people with designated billiard rooms.

If you are looking to get serious about billiards, we recommend choosing an eight-foot table.

9 foot billiard tables:

Being the biggest in size, these tables are best used in billiard halls and pool rooms. They are also the most expensive type of billiard table.

The benefits of a nine-foot table are that it provides a much bigger, and complex gaming area. These tables are require significant maintenance to stay in prime condition for competitive games.

If you’re a seasoned player looking for a billiard table to challenge your skills, we recommend choosing a nine-foot table. However, keep in mind that these tables are not for beginners.

In Conclusion

Now that you know the different types of billiard tables, it’s important to choose the right one for your gameroom. Consider the space you have available and the type of games you want to play. If you’re looking for a competitive edge, we recommend choosing an eight-foot table.

If you have limited space or are just starting out, a seven-foot table is a great option. And if you’re looking for the ultimate challenge, go for a nine-foot table.

Whichever size you choose, make sure to get quality billiard equipment from a reputable dealer.


What are the common sizes of billiard tables available?

The common sizes for billiard tables are 7-foot, 8-foot, and 9-foot. Each size caters to different skill levels and space requirements.

Why is the 7-foot billiard table the most popular for home use?

The 7-foot table is popular for home use due to its manageable size, which provides ample space for gameplay while fitting comfortably in most home game rooms. It’s versatile for various game types and is suitable for beginners.

What are the benefits of an 8-foot billiard table?

An 8-foot table is ideal for those looking to play competitively, as it is the standard size for many professional tournaments. It offers a challenging playing surface for competitive players and fits well in dedicated billiard rooms.

Who should consider purchasing a 9-foot billiard table?

A 9-foot table is best suited for seasoned players looking for a challenging gaming area. It’s typically found in billiard halls and pool rooms and requires significant space and maintenance. It’s not recommended for beginners.

A Game Room (aka billiard room) is one of the most fantastic things you can do with a spare room in your house. It’s a place where you can spend quality time with your friends or family and connect with them while having fun. It can also be a place where you can lock yourself and just rest and relax, a little utopia to recharge your batteries and get ready for the days ahead.

The truth is, a good billiard room can be anything you want it to be. And while there isn’t a good or bad way to build it, there certainly are some good practices AND things you should avoid.

Following these few rules will help you build a game room that will quickly become the most popular room in your house. Following is a list of the most important principles that will show you how to build your perfect game room. Starting with the most important one:

floorplan drawing

Pick the right room

Before you commit to buying and placing equipment, you should start with a solid plan. Draw a layout of your room. There’s nothing worse than underestimating the amount of space you need.  Poking walls with your cue and having to maneuver around spectators to get to your shot can quickly ruin the game. Generally, you need at least 5 feet (1,5 meters) around the table to freely navigate your cue around the table. Add to that at least a 7-foot table (It could be more depending on your table), and you’re looking at at least 13 feet of width.

On top of that, you might also want to consider the spectators; comfort (or lack of it) and other non-playing members of your family. Things quickly add up and get confusing, making mistakes very likely to happen. That’s why I highly recommend you to plan it all on paper. Once you’ve finished planning and preparing the room’s layout, it’s time to roll the sleeves and get to work. Out of all the technical details…

Blue felt pool table

Lighting is the most important

Photography is called “painting with light.” The same concept applies to architecture and indoor design — exactly what you’re doing now! The golden hue of the sunset can add a mood to the picture and make it unique. The right lighting can have the same effect on your billiard room. If you haven’t yet decided on the style or theme you’re going after, now is the time to start thinking about it. No matter what you choose, you’ll want to focus most of the light (and attention) on the table — the star of your game room.

If you don’t know yet what your game room will look like, the Black Leather Metal Lights can be your go-to. It’s a versatile piece that looks great in any setting. If you have a nice collection of accessories you’re planning to show off (As you should!), a nice complementing wall light will do them justice. We’re making progress. Nicely illuminated, your billiard room slowly comes to life. But before you rush over to set your table, there is one more important detail to take care of.

Cover your ground

A good game room needs to be designed with heavy traffic in mind. There certainly will be food and drinks, and hard objects (like billiard balls) will occasionally hit the ground. For that reason, a solid and durable carpet might be your best option. A wall-to-wall cover will not only keep the playing area safe but also reduce the noise. Of course, if you’re a fan of hard or wooden floors, you should go for it! Just, you know, try not to drop balls too often. Now that your room is prepared, it’s time for the best part.

Carmel Pool table in living room

Choose your favorite furniture

Ideally, by now, you know the theme you’re going after, and all that’s left is to set the dream furniture in place. Customarily, the pool table takes place in the center of the room, but don’t let that rule restrain you. Feel free to offset things and create an original composition. Just remember to leave enough room so the players can maneuver comfortably around the table. Add bar or spectator chairs for the other players and spectators to sit on. You’ll obviously need a cue rack, but you don’t have to stop there. Let your imagination carry you a little. Add a dartboard cabinet in the corner or a small area for kids and other young guests to play.

Remember, this is your game room, and its main purpose is to let you spend meaningful quality time with your friends and family. And now, with all that knowledge, don’t just sit searching for another post to “learn a bit more.” Grab a piece of paper and start designing your perfect game room now!


What is the first step in planning a game room?

The first step is to pick the right room and draw a layout plan. Ensure enough space around the billiard table for free movement, considering at least 5 feet around the table and additional space for spectators and other room elements.

Why is lighting important in a game room, and how should it be arranged?

Good lighting is crucial as it sets the mood and focuses attention on key areas, particularly the billiard table. It’s important to choose lighting that complements the style or theme of the room and ensures the playing area is well-lit.

What type of flooring is recommended for a game room?

Durable carpeting is recommended for its ability to withstand heavy traffic, accidental spills, and noise reduction. However, if you prefer hard or wooden floors, that’s also an option, but be cautious with dropped objects like billiard balls.

Your Guide to Buying a Pool Table: Top 5 Tips

Do you want to buy a pool table for your home? If so, you’re in the right place! In this guide, we will teach you everything you need to know about pool tables. We’ll discuss the different types of tables available, as well as the features and accessories that you can choose from.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which pool table is right for your home!

Tip #1: Determine the Type of Pool Table You Want

The first step in choosing a pool table is to decide which type of billiard table you want. There are three main types of pool tables:

Standard pool tables

These are the most common type of billiard table. They come in a variety of sizes, from small tables that are just big enough for two people to play on, to large tournament-sized tables. Standard pool tables usually have six pockets and can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, slate, or composite.

Snooker/Billiard tables

Snooker is a variation of billiards that uses smaller balls and a larger table. Snooker tables are usually only found in clubs or pool halls, as they are too large for most homes. However, if you have the space for an 8 or 9ft table, they make an excellent addition to any game room!

Convertible Pool/Dining Tables

These are billiard tables that can be converted into a dining table. They usually have a removable billiard cloth and wood surface, which reveals a smooth surface for eating and drinking on. Convertible pool/dining tables are perfect for homes where space is limited, as they serve two purposes in one piece of furniture!

Tip #2: Consider the Size You Need

The next step in choosing a pool table is to select the right size table for your needs. The size of the table you need will depend on the amount of space you have available, as well as how many people you want to be able to play with at once.

7ft Pool Tables

The most popular pool table size is the seven-foot table. These tables are ideal for both novice and experienced players. They’re also a good choice if you don’t have much room in your home.

8ft Pool Tables

If you have a little more space, consider an eight-foot table. These tables are somewhat bigger than seven-foot tables, allowing players to shoot with greater freedom. If you want to play competitively, we recommend getting an eight-foot table. The majority of professional tournaments are held on this size of table.

9ft Pool Tables

The nine-foot table is the biggest pool table. These tables are only for experienced players with a lot of room to maneuver. They are not suggested for novices due to their size.

Tip #3: Choose the Right Material

Now that you know which type and size of billiard table you need, it’s time to choose the right material. The three most common materials used for pool tables are wood, slate, and composite.

Wood Pool Tables

Wood pool tables are the most popular type of billiard table. They’re usually made from hardwoods like maple or oak. Wood pool tables are durable and look great in any home.

Slate Pool Tables

Slate pool tables are considered to be the best quality billiard tables. They provide a level playing surface and superior ball roll. Slate pool tables are also very heavy, so they require professional installation.

Composite Pool Tables

Composite pool tables are a good middle ground between wood and slate. They’re made from materials like fiberglass or particle board, which makes them lighter and easier to move than slate tables. However, they still provide a level playing surface and superior ball roll.

Tip #4: Choosing Accessories

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect billiard table, it’s time to accessorize! There are a few must-have billiard accessories that every pool table needs.

Pool Cues

Every pool table needs at least two cues. Pool cues come in different weights, lengths, and styles. You can also get custom-made cues if you want something truly unique.

Ball Sets

A ball set is another essential billiard accessory. Ball sets usually come with 16 balls: seven solid-colored balls, seven striped balls, and the black eight ball.


Pool table brushes are used to clean the billiard cloth. They help to remove chalk, dust, and other debris from the surface of the table.

Table Covers

Table covers help to protect billiard tables from dust, sunlight, and other damage. They also make it easy to keep your pool table clean between games.

Tip #5: Before Installation

Once you’ve chosen the perfect billiard table and all of the accessories to go with it, it’s time for installation! Before installation, there are a few things you need to do to prepare.

  • Be sure to measure your space before you buy a pool table! You need to leave at least four feet of space around all sides of the table for players.
  • If you’re buying a slate pool table, be sure to hire a professional installer. Slate tables are very heavy and require special installation.
  • Make sure you have enough light in your billiard room! You need good lighting to be able to see the balls on the table.
  • Choose a level spot for your billiard table. The surface should be level so that the balls roll smoothly across the table.


Find A Dealer Near You

Now that you know everything you need to know about buying a pool table, it’s time to start shopping! Presidential Billiards has dealers all across the country. Find a dealer near you and start shopping for your perfect pool table today!

We wish choosing a pool cue could be as easy as just randomly picking one of a rack, but unfortunately, for those looking to play a competitive game, choosing the right cue can be an extremely complex decision. 

Yes, the old saying the sword is only as powerful as its master is extremely applicable to the beautiful game of pool, but without the right tools, you might as well be playing a different game. Your cue can be extremely beneficial to your game, that is if you choose correctly! Luckily, our handy guide will help you choose the correct cue every time. 

Pool Cue Length

One of the most noticeable physical features of a cue is its length. This can be extremely important and can make or break your gameplay. The correct cue will help you control movement better, ensuring that your gameplay is smooth and more guided. To ensure a higher level of control, ensure that your cue fits the length of your arm. For those who are between 5’8” and 6’5”, we would recommend a cue that’s approximately 58 inches in length. For those who are shorter than 5’8”, we would recommend a cue that’s between 28 and 52 inches in length. The key here is to ensure that your pool cue is comfortable, easy to control, and fits your length. 


Pool cue weight can oftentimes be a secondary factor when choosing a cue, but it can affect your gameplay dramatically. Many pool players find that the weight of their cue offers them a smoother gameplay experience and just like length, can often affect the control you have over your shot. Generally, cue weights are between 17 and 21 ounces. These weights are generally distributed throughout the cue, but most of it lies within the butt end, as it is much thicker than the shaft. This means that the heaviest part of the cue sits within your backhand. Choosing the right weight is all about feeling out your cues. If you are shorter, you would generally choose a lighter weight as you won’t need to lift the tip when taking the shot.  The key to choosing the perfect weight is trying out the cues and seeing how they affect your preferred shots. Generally, heavier cues are perfect for breaking shots, while lighter cues are better for skilled shots. 

Wrap Type

Wrap types generally include no wrap, linen, or leather. This part of the cue touches your skin the most, and can thus affect the grip you have, affecting your control over your shot. Choosing the perfect wrap is completely subjective, but a few guidelines do exist which can help guide you in terms of this. If you have general sweaty hands, it’s recommended to choose a linen or leather wrap.

Cue Tip

The cue tip is as important as the length, as this is the part that ultimately determines how the ball will react to your shot. It is crucial to choose a tip that supports your specific game style. Softer ball tips place a higher spin on the ball, while a harder tip may last you much longer. 

Presidential Billiards manufactures and distributes high-quality cues that range from entry-level to pro cues. Check out our wide range below.