Madison pool Table

How to Choose the Right Size Pool Table for You

There’s no greater addition to a games room than a beautiful Billiards Table. Buying a billiard table can be such a great investment, especially if you buy one that has a timeless design, and that’s crafted from excellent quality hardwood. Not only do they add to the beautiful aesthetic to your home, but they can be a source of hours of fun with your family and friends!  

Deciding on the pool table size

Deciding on the size of your pool table goes much deeper than asking whether your pool table will “́fit” into the room.  When purchasing your pool table, there’s a lot of size considerations that you need to keep in mind.

Even if a table fits seamlessly into the room, you still have to make sure that there’s adequate space for players to move and play comfortably around the pool table, without having to compromise on their game play. You also have to consider the length of the cues you want to be using, because they will also require extra space.

Another consideration when choosing your table size is whether or not you will be adding a cue rack, cabinets, or any extra storage to your room. If you are planning on purchasing a conversion top billiards table, you also have to consider whether you are adding chairs and how many places you would like when it’s functioning as a dining top. 

The 7’ Pool Table

Perfect for those with very limited space. This sized table generally needs a room surface area of approximately 16 ft by 13 ft, to accommodate comfortable game play. This is generally considered as a “bar” size pool table. The table itself is typically sized 3.5’ x 7’. If you love heading down to your favorite bar and playing a few games of pool with your buddies, we would highly recommend 7’ pool table- as they are the perfect practice field for your bar game. When it comes to gameplay, this table requires a whole different skill set than the 8 or 9 foot tables. Because of the size of this table, a game of 8-ball pool can be slightly more difficult- as the playing surface is much smaller than those of the bigger tables.

Madison pool table room setting 

The 8’ Pool Table

This is often referred to as the “professional” size. This is definitely the most popular size for homes and provides you with the best game play. It requires a bit more space than the 7’ table.  It’s ample room compliments 8-ball and 9-ball variants very well. This table works as a middle ground when it comes to clusters and long shots- your shots will be longer than the 7’ tables, but you will also have to break up a few clusters- which is eradicated with the 9’ table.

Game room

The 9’ Pool Table 

The 9’ table is the largest of the three, thus requiring the most space. It’s also one of the best tables if you are looking for a more athletic approach to billiards. It’s fast paced, and generally used in official billiard contests. This table is the perfect table for those who are serious about their pool playing and may enter a few tournaments. The 9’ table minimises clusters, but your shots will be much longer- making the game slightly more difficult and more strategy based. 

The Takeaway:

When it comes to choosing your pool table size, it’s important to keep your playing style in mind. Every table offers a  different variant of playing style, has its own advantages and disadvantages, and requires much different room settings. The first decision you have to make is whether you will have enough space (including your cue lengths!). You also have to consider the game play that these tables offer.