Pool table in living Room

Reasons to Buy a Billiard Table with a Dining Top

Years ago pool tables were simply game tables, but over the years there have been many improvements to the classic piece of gaming furniture. Pool tables are no longer merely a game table, but can double as functional dining tables. 


Here’s why you should invest in a conversion top for your pool table.

You save space

Buying a convertible pool table replaces the reason to buy a dining room table. You will be buying one table instead of two different tables that will take up space in two separate locations of your home.

Biggest bonus? Acquiring a beautiful piece while saving money and space in your home


You get a beautiful piece of furniture

When you buy a convertible pool table; you are not only buying a pool table, you are buying a beautiful piece of furniture.

You are buying a stylish and elegant dining table that holds priceless memories of dining and play.

convertible dining and Pool Table with dining top

It’s functional in more than one space in your home

The billiard dining pool table is an indoor – outdoor piece of furniture. These tables can be beautifully styled in your dining room or patio on a summer’s day (Not recommended for permanent outdoor use)

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