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The Benefits of Having a Game Table at Work

While taking a break is imperative to keep you sane and focused at work, just sitting or wandering around can cause burnout very fast. Improving employee engagement has never been as important as it is now, with many employees opting to scroll through Facebook or other social media during their break, instead of relaxing. This can cause strain on their eyes, halt their ability to “switch off”, or even place them in somewhat of a bad mood.

Sitting in front of a computer day in and day out can easily cause exhaustion, leading to a decrease in motivation and productivity. How you spend your breaks at work is highly important, and can set the tone for the rest of your workday. 

Installing games tables in your office is one of the most beneficial tools for employee engagement there is. Not only will this help keep employees from senselessly staring into a screen the whole day, but will get them up and moving, offering a chance to recharge and get their blood pumping. 


Here are some of our favorite reasons why everyone should have a game table at their office!

Team Work

What is better than two employees bonding over their competitive nature? A game table offers team members an opportunity to bond and establish a kinship together. Foosball Tables, for instance, require teams of 2 to participate, offering unexpected bonds between teammates.These games also offer employees a fun opportunity to display teamwork, which translates into their everyday work-teams. They learn how to work together, effectively communicate, and get to celebrate wins with their teammates. After an intense game of foosball, employees are not only unified in their efforts to win, they also share the knowledge and ability to communicate effectively.


Stress relief

Stress at work is sometimes unavoidable, especially in industries that are fast-paced. Stress can cause employees to burnout, leaving them disengaged and unmotivated. Game Tables offers employees a way to relax and recharge before they start feeling stressed. It helps employees reach a more balanced workday, without having to leave the office building. 

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While employees are playing fun office games during their break, they are offered a stress relief option to help take their mind off their stressful project or demanding deadlines. After enjoying a quick round of table tennis, employees are energized and refreshed, ready to tackle whatever the day has to throw at them.


Company Culture 

It’s no secret that employee engagement is one of the best ingredients to high productivity, and through the placement of game furniture in your office, you can be on your way to high productivity levels in no time! Culture is one of the leading drivers of productivity, and without a solid foundation, company employees often fail to be engaging or even productive.

Game tables offer employees a great opportunity to create a well-balanced work life. Offering employees easy accessible outlets and fun components will show them that you not only appreciate their hard work but care about their well-being and happiness at work. 

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