Carmel convertible dining and pool Table

The Different Parts of a Pool Table

You’ve just made a life-changing decision to purchase a pool table – you know the rules of the game and have the perfect space in mind for your new investment!

Just like how you know the different parts of your body, it’s also important to know and understand the various parts of your pool table.

pool Table Anatomy

Five main parts:

  • Slate

The use of slate results in higher accuracy as well as a level table for a consistent playing surface. The slate is typically ¾” to 1” in thickness and is required for any table used in tournament play. 


  • Legs

The legs support the table’s weight and elevates the table for play


  • Frame

The frame is the supportive structure for the table’s slate. Ensure that the frame is of a high quality, solid and ideally directly glued to the bottom of the slate in order to protect it from cracking. 


  • Cloth

This is also known as pool table felt and is the cloth that covers the slate’s surface. It needs to be durable and allow for a smooth playing surface. Professional-grade pool tables use a blend of natural wool (80%) and synthetic nylon (20%). 


  • Cushions/ Rails

Cushions: Also known as rail cushions or bumpers. It is the cloth-covered rubber that borders the inside rails of the table.  

Rails: Where the cushions are attached to – usually made of solid wood. The rails prevent chipping and/or peeling that could occur when the cushions are in need of replacement.

Pool Table and pool cue guide

Pool Table Accessories and Equipment

Although the pool table is the most valuable item, there are some other very important elements and accessories in order to ensure great play:

  • Pool balls – 15 numbered and colored balls (14 multicolored balls and 1 black ball), with one white ‘cue’ ball
  • Pool cues – A cue stick is used to strike a ball
  • Pool ball racks – also called a ‘triangle’ and is used to place the balls in their starting position.
  • The bridge – enables you to make a shot without leaning across the pool table

Other accessories: