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Why Become a Presidential Billiards Dealer

Presidential Billiards is one of the leading wholesalers of billiard and game room furniture.

Our products are manufactured with the highest precision, creating heirloom game pieces. Presidential Billiards products are handcrafted in family-owned factories in Southern Africa, providing high-quality products created through passion. 

Becoming a Presidential Billiards dealer is not just about reselling our billiard products, it’s about sharing the heritage and quality of the Presidential Billiards family. 

Here’s some of the reasons why you should become a Presidential Billiards Dealer.

Highly Unique 

Our products are highly unique compared to those of our competitors. Handcrafted by specialised carpenters, our game pieces offer its buyer quality, sophistication, and durability. Our designs are both timeless and elegant and offer dealers a variety of high-quality collections. From our Crocodile Embossed Cue cases to our Camouflage Billiard Balls, we have an array of timeless pieces to cater to every billiard lover’s needs. 


Wide range of pool tables, shuffleboards and furniture covering all price points

At Presidential Billiards, we believe that variety is the spice of life! That is why we offer the market a wide range of choice. We aren’t just about selling billiards tables, we have an array of other game tables such as shuffleboards, poker tables, and arcade tables such as foosball and Air Hockey tables.  

We offer our games tables at various price points, ranging from entry-level tables to high-end luxury designs. At Presidential Billiards, we believe that every product should be manufactured with the same dedication and quality in mind, that is why we ensure that all our products, no matter what price point, is manufactured with the highest quality. 

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Beautiful Exotic Wood Tables

Our game pieces are manufactured using high-quality exotic wood tables, sourced from the African continent. These unique materials are sourced ethically and are used for its durability and unique features. Presidential Billiards products are manufactured by artisans, and created to last!

Presidential Billiards offers both dealers and buyers exquisite value. Not only are our products highly unique, but they are also durable, high quality, and beautiful. 

At Presidential, we believe in creating Tomorrow’s Heirlooms today, and that is why we believe in upholding strong dealer and reseller standards. We have an array of dealers across The United States and beyond,  offering customers easy access to our beautiful products. 

The Presidential Billiards name is synonym to high-quality products, market leadership, and reliability. By joining our extensive network of dealers and retailers, your association with the Presidential Billiards brand will provide you with an unrivaled reputation of quality, and excellence.

Here’s some of the biggest benefits of becoming a Presidential Billiards Dealer:

  • Competitive pricing with excellent margins for the dealer
  • Product warehoused in Houston & shipped promptly
  • Subsidized freight program
  • Excellent payment terms
  • Wide range of pool tables, shuffleboards and furniture covering all price points
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Progressive discounts – the more you buy the more you save
  • Weekly product availability report
  • Exclusive to retailers, no direct consumer sales

Don’t delay and become a Presidential Billiards Dealer today! Get in touch here.

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