Reagan Collection of pool Table and shuffleboard

We all dream of designing the perfect game room, a sanctuary tucked away from the mundane routines, a paradise where enjoyment rules and stress disappears. Choosing the right furniture is crucial to setting the perfect atmosphere, ensuring your game room is not just visually stunning but also highly functional. We are here to guide you in creating that ideal retreat with these essential game room furniture pieces meticulously crafted by Presidential Billiards.

Billiards Table

Hamilton pool table in living room

What’s a game room without an exquisite pool table? Earn bragging rights with the Hamilton Convertible Billiard Table, an intricately handcrafted piece that redefines sophistication. The exquisite Hamilton design is a statement piece, and its quality craftsmanship promises lifetime durability, letting you enjoy countless games with friends and family.

The Game Table

 Black Tyler Poker Table

The Tyler Convertible Poker Table brings together a mix of versatility and modern design, rendering it the ideal centerpiece in your gaming retreat. It features built-in cup holders, game piece storage, and a reversible top for those switching between dinner and poker rounds with seamless ease!

pool spectator chair
Espresso bar Table
Espresso bar Stool

Spectator Chairs

Your onlookers need to be at ease too! The Weathered Oak Billiards Spectator Chair is the perfect blend of comfort and luxury. These chairs feature beautifully-crafted armrests and padding, coupled with drink holders and cue rests for observing players, creating a perfect perch for those exciting billiard games.

Pub Table

No game room is complete without a place to set down your drinks, right? An Espresso Pub Table creates a warm ambiance with a dash of sophistication. It’s a classic addition to any game room, making it an ultimate social spot.

Bar Stools

Complement your pub table with Espresso Pub Stools. These sturdy, elegantly designed stools are an embodiment of comfort and style, sure to uplift the look and comfortability of your game room.

Cue Rack

Straight pool accessories floor rack with components

A Pool Cue Rack not only exudes sleek elegance but also serves as a functional storage piece, keeping your pool cues neatly aligned and enhancing your game room decoration, it’s an essential game room piece for billiard enthusiasts.


industrial style shuffleboard

Introduce an element of fun with the Carmel Shuffleboard Table. Built to last and easy to maintain, it will be a centerpiece for an exciting indoor games room for years to come. Its elegant design compliments any decor, adding a touch of sophistication to your entertainment area. Whether you’re hosting a game night with friends or enjoying quality time with family, this shuffleboard is a must have in any games room. 


Remember, the key to creating a memorable game room rests on selecting quality, stylish furniture that provides comfort, functionality, and a welcoming ambiance for countless hours of enjoyment. Presidential Billiards brings you an array of choices, to make your dream game room a reality! Choose your favorite pieces, create your bespoke game room and turn every moment into a winning game! 

For more inspiration on setting up your game room, visit Presidential Billiards. The perfect partner in your quest for unbeatable fun, style, and sophistication.


How do I choose the right furniture pieces for my game room to ensure both style and functionality?

To select the right furniture for your game room ensuring both style and functionality, start by understanding your space and gaming needs, choosing pieces like a billiard table or multifunctional furniture based on how you intend to use the room. Opt for a consistent style theme that reflects your personal taste, ensuring the furniture not only complements the room’s aesthetics but also offers comfort and durability for frequent use. Finally, incorporate smart storage solutions and consider the lighting needs of your game room, balancing practicality with the room’s overall ambiance to create an inviting and functional gaming space.

What are the essential furniture pieces every game room should have, and why?

Every game room should have a few essential furniture pieces for a perfect balance of functionality and comfort. Firstly, a central gaming table, such as a billiard or foosball table, serves as the focal point and provides the main entertainment. Comfortable seating, like sofas or ergonomic chairs, is crucial for relaxation and accommodating guests during extended gaming sessions. Lastly, adequate storage solutions, such as shelving or cabinets, are important for organizing games, accessories, and equipment, keeping the space tidy and efficient. These key pieces ensure your game room is not only enjoyable and functional for gaming activities but also comfortable and organized, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

How can Presidential Billiards help in creating a cohesive and inviting game room environment?

Presidential Billiards can help create a cohesive and inviting game room environment through our diverse range of high-quality gaming tables and coordinating furniture. We offer various styles of billiard tables, which can serve as the centerpiece of the room, setting the tone for the space. Our selection of matching accessories, like cue racks and spectator chairs, ensures a unified look, while our comfortable seating options like bar stools and sofas add to the room’s inviting atmosphere. Additionally, our expertise in design and attention to detail means each piece not only offers superior functionality but also contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the game room, making it a perfect blend of style, comfort, and entertainment.