Pool table advice: How to purchase, maintain, and decorate your billiard tables.

Want to know what’s the difference between a dining top table or a billiard table? Or maybe you’re curious about which size of billiard table will be perfect for your game space. Our pool table advice corner offers you all the answers to these burning questions and more!

How to Choose the Right Size Pool Table for You

There’s no greater addition to a games room than a beautiful Billiards Table. Buying a billiard table can be such a great investment, especially if you buy one that has a timeless design, and that’s crafted from excellent quality hardwood. Not only do they add to the beautiful aesthetic of your home, but they can be a source of hours of fun with your family and friends!

Kruger pool table

Top Tips for Taking Care of your Pool Table

You are the proud new owner of a pool table – Congratulations! Just like children, pool tables are an expensive addition to any household and should be treated as a new family member! It’s important to take care of your pool table to ensure that it lasts for a lifetime.

Check out our top tips for cleaning and keeping your pool table in tip-top shape.

Convertible dining and pool table

4 Stylish Billiard Table Room Settings

Whether you’re searching for the perfect centerpiece for your living room, games room, or man cave – there’s a billiard table that will suit your room interior to create a picture-perfect setting!

With your table being the essential focal point, the setting surrounding your pool table can be designed to complement it… modern, industrial, traditional, or rustic styles – the styling options are endless!

Check out our 4 billiard table room settings ideas that we adore.

pool table with convertible top on

Reasons to Buy a Billiard Table with a Dining Top

Years ago pool tables were simply game tables, but over the years there have been many improvements to the classic piece of gaming furniture. Pool tables are no longer merely a game table but can double as functional dining tables. 

Here’s why you should invest in a conversion top for your pool table.

Carmel convertible dining and pool Table